A word of encouragement:

As we look at the dawn of the new century many people decry how bad things have gotten. 16 trillion in debt, out of control businesses, the loss of the small town feel, the terrible economy, drug use, Wal-Mart, terrorists, AIDS, gun violence, school shootings and I could go on and on and on. Sure these things can be viewed as bad things. But instead of getting upset about how bad things are let’s look at the wonderful things that have happened and are happening right now.

First medicine and science are advancing at an unprecedented rate. We have found cures to a huge amount of diseases that would have wiped out populations not even 100 years ago. We are producing prosthetics and body part replacements something that has never been done before. Everyday new treatments for ailments are being produced in fact HIV is coming close to being cured.

In science we have made amazing advancements, the biggest probably being the internet. This is a composite of all the worlds’ knowledge for hundreds of years. We can research anything we want, we can talk to people all over the world. It is amazing to think that this technology is bringing people together faster than anything else has before.  This has led to massive collaborative efforts in medicine, technology, agriculture, humanitarian etc

We have put people on the moon, we have satellites, devices that can hold the whole worlds collection of music, mini cameras, hybrid cars, polymer alloys and I could go on. In the history of man these devices have never existed and we are advancing faster then ever.

Imagine a world where obesity is a bigger problem then hunger, wait we already live in that world. Can you imagine that? A world where there are more fat people then skinny people. It’s a reality.

So while people get upset about the world that we live in with all of its problems there are an amazing amount of  things right now that would off set them.

Also we live in greatest era of peace…ever.


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