optional items to invest in: SIlver (2)

There many alternatives to invest besides the volatile stock market. I am a very big fan of silver. The coins are beautiful and are worth collecting. Silver is a precious metal and has been consistently used as a way of preserving wealth. People have historically bought silver ware and held onto it to pass their wealth (death tax free) onto the next generation. Silver tends to go up and down in value according to the inflation of the currency being used. When the government starts to inflate their money supply the value of silver starts going up, but if there is deflation it starts going down. This means that when times are good, which is generally when there is low inflation then you can buy lots of silver to use as a hedge against the upcoming inflation when the government starts pumping money to pay for their obligations.

Also many of the silver coins are collectibles this means that they don’t just hold an intrinsic value they also hold a collectors value. Generally the value of the silver is higher than the collectors value but this could change over time. This is one of the alternatives that one could invest in before looking at the stock market. Even though I am saying this realize that I am not a professional investor and these are my musings on alternatives to the status quo.



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