In defense of low information voters and sheeple

First of let me start of by saying that I absolutely cannot stand these two terms. They are very demeaning and insulting and will shut down any one who may possibly be listening to you. This is probably not a good thing ‘cause you seem to be a person with lots of opinions. So here goes, people have been making a big deal out of Miley Cyrus (formerly known as Hannah Montana) and her twerking at the Video Music Awards. Statements like “moral decay” and “look what the world is coming too are being said.” Yes it was a pretty horrific sight and I would hate for my kids to view this, however it should be looked at in a broader context. This context is, if this is the biggest thing we are worrying about then life in general is not so bad.


In our general electorate about 50 percent of the populace votes and many years it is lower then that. 50 percent were for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the 50 against it. Most people live their lives, they go to work, they eat sleep and watch tv. Some read books some don’t. Some perform plays some don’t. The point is that people just want to be left alone. They don’t want to think about international politics and the latest government what ever is going on. These things add more stress to their daily lives, especially that they cannot change any of it. Many would say that this is being sheeple or LIV’s but I would argue that it is more apathy and not caring then that.


It has been stated that the founding fathers and the people who lived then were much higher educated and aware of what was going on around them then today. True this might have been so, however it is also very well possible that these people just wanted to stay home and eat and sleep and watch tv. Many people at that time were loyalists. It wasn’t until an actual rebellion had started and peoples lives were being affected by the war that more people started jumping in to fight and support the rebellion. (The American colonists saw the king for what he really was, a power that didn’t care about them). So would have they revolted if it wasn’t for them being inconvenienced otherwise…probably not.


It is the same today, people don’t change. Americans have much more information today then they did before. They are much more aware of world events and government policies and how they affect them day today. But as the people in the past have always done they go about their daily lives and just want people to leave them alone. So instead of calling people sheeple and LIV’s and making a big deal out of why they are upset about Hannah Montana realize that they are just being people who haven’t changed in thousands of years.



8 thoughts on “In defense of low information voters and sheeple

  1. This was a nice post to see. I agree- it is not surprising that so many people do not care to gain “informed” status but honestly… I don’t believe that there is a genuine honest source for people to go to in which to be “informed”. It takes a lot of weeding through sensationalism and two party perpetrated lies to find a grain of honesty and factual information (I like to think us libertarians are a bit better at being informed which is why we align the way we do, haha, but…). I resonate with this post as it shows mercy towards those caught up in our insincere culture. I am quite sick of seeing people placing blame on each other,much the way the two parties do in Washington. Great post. (I found you through doing a search for “liberatarian”. I am new to WordPress and am out exploring.)

      • I am unaffiliated but caucused for Ron Paul in Maine election year before he dropped out and voted Gary Johnson. I was a fervent Liberal prior but definitely identify more with libertarianism nowadays.

      • It was the take on social issues that drew me in. It just kind of made sense to me one day, after learning more about Ron Paul. I saw a sincerity in him that was lacking in the other candidates and began to listen to his message because of it.

        Nowadays, I am just SO anti- left/right, I’d join the freaking Green party if it meant a Rep or Dem didn’t get a vote, haha. I wrote a blog about it (my second one ever) and showed it to “Token Libertarian” girl Julie Borowski (if you don’t know who she is-look her up, she is a great voice for liberty and makes hilarious youtube videos about such issues ) and she complimented me on it, which has been great encouragement for me to keep writing in that vein. (and quite a “fan girl”moment, haha. I couldn’t believe it…)

        Thanks for chatting with me, it’s always great to get to talk to new people.

        How many children do you have? I have 2, a girl (6) and a son (2.) 🙂

        Life is good…

      • It is always tough when you are going against the grain of the people around you. I have caught a lot of flak for my views but I keep on trying to convince others that my view points make a lot of sense.
        I have 3 kids. They are awesome and I learn so much from them each day. Part of this blog was set up for me to channel some of my views and thoughts about parenting onto paper.

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