friday links 31 August 13

It’s Friday and here are some links to start of your weekend:

20 objections to libertarianism:

10 minor characters that became major tv characters:

25 famous actors when they were young:

The dirty little secret about student loans:

Who would protect the ships:

With this type of job growth:

22 Reasons not to go to war with Syria:

5 overated movies:

Most satisfying cars:

5 career choices:

Racing tiny car:




One thought on “friday links 31 August 13

  1. In Long’s speach about libertarianism, In the Q & A, the first answer says, “…when we’re talking about division of labor and some people are better at ruling than other people – well, if I consent to your ruling me – maybe I’m hiring you as my advisor because I think you’re better at making decisions than I am, so I make one last decision which is to hire you as my advisor, and from then on I do what you say – that’s not government; you’re my employee, you’re an employee that I follow very religiously.” Isn’t this the idea that was the heart of the establishment of USA government?

    Regarding the Law Merchant, isn’t that a type of social contract? Someone will hold all involved accountable. In the case of the merchants they all hold each other accountable for fair trade, but ultimately doesn’t someone have to be the head of such a system?

    I admit ignorance regarding Hobbes and Locke and such. But I know that in a home there is a head of that home and when there is no consensus amongst the family members someone has to make the final decision. To keep the family healthy it is best if there is no whining or undermining related to that final decision. And in a family it is also best if no one secedes from it because they refuse to compromise, agree or continue discussion. By what means does the head of the home administer authority? It is God given, isn’t it? In the case of government God himself allows rulers and powers to exist in a place at a time. What kind of government is most godly? We don’t have a pillar of fire or a cloud to follow. We don’t have the priesthood of Aaron. There is no David like king. We have scripture, the holy spirit and grace and hope.

    There is much to think about. I am trying to learn what sort of politics I prefer. So far there is much to like about libertarianism, but much that concerns me. Roderick T Long transcript talk seems to have as many logic holes as he finds in the logic of Hobbes and Locke. In fact at every point Long makes I find myself thinking he could have used exactly the same logic to prove the point he was refuting which I’m sure is, “No duh? That’s why it makes his point.” In any case I don’t think his reasoning won his point. He breaks even at best in the game of which government style will win the prize as best in show.

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