Children and money (episode 3)

Children are always asking for toys and other nick knacks and as a parent you always want to buy stuff for them. Unfortunately most parents don’t have an unlimited budget to do that, even though they would like too. This is where a little bit of ingenuity can play a big role. You can offer an allowance to children where they learn the value of money or they can also do things to generate money. This is what I have done with my son.


My son and I go on long walks with one another where we talk and just walk aimlessly around the area where we live. We live very close to a main road where people feel it is their prerogative to just throw their garbage. We pick up all the aluminum cans that are strewn about. We then crush them, kids love this part and then bring them to a local recycling station that pays money for the aluminum. I have earned about 10 dollars over the course of about 2 months. The kids then get to pick out something like candy or a toy to buy. It shows them with some effort and perseverance you get money with which you can buy stuff.


I have not given my son an allowance which would be interesting to do. If I did I imagine I would give them 10 dollars a week, but it would be contingent on various things such chores and behaviour. If they are well behaved they would earn 5 dollars and then I would have them do some chores around the house which would go above and beyond their regular activities. Maybe have them clean a toilet or do the dishes. What ever seems appropriate at that time.


There are many ways to gain some extra cash for your kids but some of it would be contingent on your kids and how to get them excited to earn some extra money. Giving them some over the course of the week would be a definite incentive versus giving it all up front or at the end of the month. Kids don’t entirely understand the whole delayed gratification thing yet. But I am very interested what else people have come up with and good luck.



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