All about the toilet (episode 4)

In our society there is a massive amount of spreading of skills. I am good at doing one thing and you another thing and we exchange these abilities for cash. This is called specialization, but there is a down side to it and that is that some skills are very expensive to obtain such as surgery or mechanic work. Much of this a great thing but it can also be detrimental. Especially when the skills required for a task can be expensive to employ. The reason why I bring this up is because I repaired my toilet today and it was a lot easier to do then I had thought it was going to be.

 Growing up, I was generally under the impression that manual labor should largely be eschewed and left to professionals because this was a better exchange of labor. While I understand the sentiment I don’t think that this is entirely accurate because most manual labor is a lot easier to do then one would think. Even if it means getting dirty or looking something up online. YouTube and various DIY sites have made life much simpler for normal people to repair day to day things, such as the toilet in my case.

 All that was required for the toilet to be repaired was to fix the leak that was coming out of the bottom of the toilet. It kept leaking and leaking and my wife was telling me that it needed to be repaired. I typed into “How to repair leaking toilet” and the instructions popped right up. It looked as though the wax seal was broken on the toilet and it needed to be replaced. I bought a new gasket (some kind of fancy one) from the store. Then I headed home turned of the water to the toilet. I pulled the toiled forward. Scraped of the wax and inserted the new fancy gasket. I put the toilet back on and whala the toilet was like new again. Amazing!

 Even though the world is extremely specialized it is becoming more apparent that having practical skills would help in any situation. What skills do you think would be worth learning?



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