optional items to invest in: Watches (3) and friday links

Investment 4 – Watches

Watches are another item that can be invested in besides investing in
bonds or stocks. The reason I say this is because watches are an item
that is always in demand regardless of where you are at. A watch is
light weight and durable and has many applications. It can be used as a
way of keeping time, as a fashion accessory, a present or even be used
to barter with. So while it may not always hold an intrinsic value, it
does offer a lot of versatility in its use.
With the dollar losing value due to inflation, this is a worthwhile
invest due that versatility. In some cases it can be used as collateral
to obtain a loan such as at a pawn store. Also because it is a tangible
item the item cannot be taken in case of a bank collapse such as what
happened in Greece in early 20123.

This type of invest is not a panacea to counter the instability of the
market and any future issues however it is a small investment that could
help you down the line. Also I am not a financial expert and there for I
cannot guarantee this investment.

– Do you wonder how the unemployment is going down?

– Good discussion of why the internet does as well as it does:

– We all knew that MERCEDES had a military back ground:

– And where do Cars get their names:



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