Optional items to invest in: Guns (4)

One of the interests I have is things that can be invested in that will
have value regardless of the state of the economy. So far I have
included silver and gold on the list along with Watches. These are items
that can be bought and would have value even during economic upheaval.
This is speculation for the most part, however looking at the mood of
the country many people wouldn’t want to invest in the stock market. I
personally do these investments alongside investments in the market.
Either way the economy goes I have some security that these investments
hold value. The following invest is the only one I do not actively
engage in due to the prohibitive costs of guns.

While I do not encourage violence in any way, owning guns for defense,
hunting and collecting is something I do encourage. Guns are and will
always be valuable regardless of what happens in the world. The best
scenario is one where you don’t ever have to use one for violence.
However at the end of the day how you deal with defense of your home and
family is up to you. A gun is probably preferable to using your fists to
intimidate a person coming into your house (barring you are a self
defense expert).

Guns can cost a lot or not so much depending on what you are looking
for. Also people can debate indefinitely what the best guns are for
hunting or home defense. My personal feeling is that nothing beats the
sound of a shot gun being racked, it’s the international sound of “I
mean business”. Because of this I won’t delve into recommending one kind
of gun over another. If you want to start a long conversation with
someone, just as them about guns and which one to buy. Also realize that
some brand names will probably hold up better and have a long term value
higher then others. This is just one other item that might be invested
in if one was so inclined.



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