Optional things to invest in: Land (5)

There are many tangible items that can be invested as I have listed in
the past from silver to guns. There are many options out there beyond
that depending on how much money you have you can buy more and greater
items. One of the items that I think that you can buy is land. Now this
does come with a couple of caveats before you buy. First of some big
name financial advisors do not recommend buying land until you have a
clearly thought out plan of what you want to do with it, also taxes can
be pretty high. These are two big factors to take into mind before
buying land (or basically buying anything). However this shouldn’t end
your quest for buying land because there are many perks to buying land.
Here they are.

First land is a scarce resource meaning that there is no new land being
created (unless you are the Netherlands). So it always holds value
regardless of the situation. Second you can always live on the on the
land if you have too, whether its building a house on it or just camping
on it both make it a place where you can stay. You can grow crops on it
or harvest it’s natural resources such as its trees or water. This means
that you can make money of a tangible item that you own. Owning it long
enough will likely make it that you either end up using it or eventually
someone will request to buy the property of you. Such as a government
wanting to put a road through it or a company wanting to build a house.

Owning land does come with a number of draw backs. The land cannot be
moved, so if you move because of a job or some other reason you cannot
use the property. Also there is no guarantee that the value goes up.
This means that it can also go down in value. However knowing that the
population of a country generally increases regardless of circumstances
land will always be in demand.


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