Not just living, but thriving. Who I am and the life I lead (10)

First of I am not a certified financial analyst of a professional investor, instead I think about various things to invest in besides the regular things. I am a working man like most people in this country who wanted to establish a better life for themselves.  I am employed as an analyst who also speculates about life, money and world affairs Furthermore I am young and married. My third child was born recently and yes we are thinking of having more. Call me traditional but I believe in having children because they are a blessing from God and provide much happiness. I see a lot of people around me who either have 1 or two children or none at all and can totally afford to have them but don’t, they don’t know what they are missing which is too bad. Along the same lines I am rather conservative in my outlook about the world and church services.

 I go to church 2 times on Sunday and love traditional church services. Maybe this is what formed my outlook on the world so much. I believe in hard work and being thankful for what you have. Also I think that charity and helping your neighbors is very important. I also volunteer as a mentor at my university to help provide guidance and editing papers and I also volunteer with a half way house. Volunteer work to me is following what Jesus commands us to do when it comes to helping our neighbors.

 My wife and I are a team that works hand in hand to achieve our mutual goals.  She is a stay at home mom and she home schools and takes care of our children. She maintains the house and the day to day affairs in fact she also runs a small business from the house. She sells Lilla Rose hairs clips, Jerky Direct (beef jerky) and Doterra (essential oils)  and makes various new mom items and aprons on the side. Her website on Etsy is HollyElliottsews. She is amazing in so many ways.

 Many people who I talk to are shocked that I am able to maintain the lifestyle that I live but I tell them that I don’t just live I thrive.


(Children grow up and can help you around the house. My son really enjoys taking the trash out with me)



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