health care, health insurance and healthy are not the same thing

Maybe what gets me more then anything is how the debate for healthcare gets so emotional. Most persons would think that people are dying in the streets. This is not the case obviously. However what I think is more the case is how unhealthy people live. Even people who are healthy and live healthy lives get crazy diseases such as diabetes and cancer. For many of those healthy people they also live with pain and take a wide retinue of pill which they will take indefinitely. Why is this? People who lived a hundred years ago didn’t take all these pills and their life expectancy if they made it past childhood was the same as it is today.

 I can point to a couple of things that I think it might be. Sedentary life styles, environmental pollutants, sugar or HFC is in everything, everything is pasteurized, hamburger is cleaned with ammonia and the list goes on and on.

Would there be less instances of disease if the food we ate was better quality?



One thought on “health care, health insurance and healthy are not the same thing

  1. Maybe, maybe not. People haven’t seemed to come to grips with their own mortality. Studies have shown that health care access doesn’t save lives, but that didn’t stop talking heads from getting emotional about the issue.

    Sadly, it’s impossible to reason with people who are emotional.

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