the emperors new powers

There once was a king who had passed many laws and had instituted many
new taxes. With his new taxes he raised a mighty military and would
attack other countries. His subjects complained about these wars, but he
ignored them. His subjects complained about the taxes, but he ignored
them too. The king would just keep doing whatever he wanted too. His
subjects feared him, but some wanted a change.

Some of his subjects decided to stop paying taxes. The king imprisoned
some of them and killed many more. He asked them how dare they challenge
his power. Some of the people in the country started their own community
and did not want to obey the king any more. The king sent in his troops
and killed all of them. He wondered to himself, “why they would question
his power. Don’t these people understand, I am their lord and they will
obey me. I know what is best for them.”

Years went by and the king passed more and more laws and raised the
taxes more and more. The people cried out louder and louder. But the king
ignored him and told them that they did not love him and that God would
judge them for this. But one day the king discovered that he hadn’t
collected as many taxes as before, he wasn’t sure why.  He went to the
market to ask why people weren’t paying as many taxes. He was told by
the people that because of all of his laws no one could work
effectively, his taxes made it impossible to run a profit or invest in
new technologies, his wars had caused the surrounding countries to not
want to trade with them and that he had killed many of the most
productive people in his country via wars and executions. The king heard
this and had all the market workers imprisoned for questioning his
authority and not loving him enough.

How do you think the story should end?Image


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