ghouls, ghosts, christmas trees and Halloween

It is that time of the year again, Halloween is here and all the grave yards and lawn decorations are brought out. I haven’t seen this much Halloween stuff since I was young, maybe I just notice it more since I have kids. Not sure. But it is also the time of year when people start discussing whether or not as a Christian you can celebrate Halloween. I was reading an article on the website called “10 reasons I kissed Halloween goodbye”. The article lines up the reasons why you shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. While I agree with some of the points, there are a number of points I take issue with. Specifically.

 The first one is that the author says that putting a Christian label on a Druidic/Pagan holiday doesn’t make it pleasing to God. Yes I agree with you, however if that is carried to it’s logical conclusion then we should get rid of days of the week Thursday (THOR DAY), Friday (FREYA day), Saturday (Saturn’s Day),   SUN day, MOON day, Not sure about Tuesday or Wednesday. Lets not forget months of year and the list goes on. Also where does the Christmas tree tradition come from? Well it was put inside houses around Christmas time in pagan Europe to absorb the evil spirits in the house. It was then burnt around Solstice to celebrate the new Moon. Easter was celebrated in pagan Europe with lots of Alchohol and frivolity. It celebrated the new growth and fertility, that’s where easter eggs and chocolate bunnies come from (both very fertile). 

 So before we start saying things like lets not celebrate these holidays cause they have pagan roots or other reasons we should probably be evaluating our other traditions. Most reformers wanted to get rid of all the church holidays cause they saw it as holding onto pagan traditions. In fact some hard core Reformed people don’t celebrate these holidays. While I also embrace this approach I realize it isn’t realistic either. Having been exposed to both sides of pendulum which is what this article is. I would rather walk down the middle and not try to confuse my kids. So I don’t reject the article outright I let my kids still trick or treat. Besides when else do you let your kid run around outside in a Captain America outfit, oh wait every day. But that’s just me.



2 thoughts on “ghouls, ghosts, christmas trees and Halloween

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