Why I am a libertarian (guest post)

This week we get another guest post by Jacob Whitus. He is a guy I met at church and fellow libertarian.

            I was asked to write a blog post on why I am libertarian; I was going to open with a playful jab at Mr. Molyneaux, in which I was going to promise not to drone, and then do just that. I was then informed that blog posts are usually short and to the point, to which I proceed forthwith. Contexts are just as important to political blog posts as they are to theological arguments on Facebook, their absence cause things to denigrate into calling one another Satan, or worse liberal.

 I was born in a somewhat broken home, spending time between both parents. The only political instruction I received was from my father, a staunch conservative, Reagan his Messiah, and Limbaugh his John the Baptist. I remember hearing the story of Jack in the Beanstalk, in which a Mr. Bill Clinton was selling beans, and basically ruining everyone’s life. The only definite impression I had as a young child was an aversion to ‘hippies’, which I equated with liberals.

 As I grew and began to learn a thing or two, the conservative values that were ingrained at an early age, began to be defended as I interacted with other young adults. I knew that hard work, and small government where right, I just didn’t know how to articulate it.  As I began to think for myself, I began to see how republicans weren’t republicans, and liberals were everything I thought they were and worse.

 A friend of mine (at the time a republican, now an almost crazy Libertarian) tried to tell me how The Patriot Act was great, and that only people with things to hide should be afraid. I tried to articulate that it was wrong for the government to have such power, this was a great example of knowing that something is wrong, in your gut, but not being able to say why. These inconsistencies were the proverbial can that I kicked down the road, it’s only fun when you’re with someone else who really enjoys kicking things.

 Then after joining the military and becoming an ‘adult’, I stumbled upon a book by Ron Paul, in it he discussed different principles of government that I hadn’t really thought of before, conscription, the FED, and others. That was the straw that broke the camels back. It seemed to be the political affiliation that I had always wanted, championing liberty, while respecting traditional values.

 Libertarianism is the thinking mans way to approach government. If you don’t think so, I’ve got some magic beans that you might be interested in.



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