Not all that glitters is gold

In a town far away there lived a very wealthy woman. She had made much of her money by trading and handling with the her fleet. Her fleet of boats came out of a town that had a harbor that was perfectly positioned on the ocean and the river so that materials could easily be traded up and down the river and the ocean.

 One day the woman spoke to her head captain and told him to take the fleet and go out into the world with all the money she had and go and buy the most beautiful and valuable items he could find. The captain set forth in his ships and traveled for many months about the sea and finally he saw fields full of beautiful golden wheat. He said to himself that it must be the most beautiful things he had ever seen and that his master would be very proud of him if he go this. The captain spent all of his money on buying the wheat and filled all his ships.

 He returned home to show the bounty he had obtained. The wealthy woman came to look at the wheat and screamed. “What is this?” “This is not gold, this is not valuable” “All I have is some wheat, take it and throw it over board”. The captain was fired and the sailor threw the wheat over board. Then with whatever money she had left she sent the boats out again. The wealthy woman slowly made more money in trade however the wheat that had been thrown over board was now starting to grow at the bottom of the harbor and was spreading into the river. This made it very difficult for the boats to travel in and out of the harbor. Slowly no boats could enter the river or the harbor and the wealthy woman lost all of her money and her wealth.



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