12 lessons over 30 years

I have now lived over 30 years and there are a number of lessons that I have learned.

1. Empires will rise and fall, but the Lord our God will last forever.

2. Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow brings it’s own set of worries.

3. Actions do have consequences, both good and bad.

4. Money may not bring happiness, but it does solve a lot of problems.

5. Graduations are not the end of learning.

6. You may have dreams, but things change.

7. Find yourself a good to marry and be contented with her.

8. Don’t take yourself too serious.

9. Maintain a sense of humor about things.

10. Maintain a good work out schedule, for how can one have happiness without health.

11. Children are a source of great joy.

12. Enjoy the friends you have.


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