Successful retirement

An amusing phenomenon this happening is the lack of children people are
having these day. There are many reason why people aren’t having
children, careers, can’t afford them, climate change, overpopulation,
don’t want them, too old and the list goes on and on. While many of
these reasons are understandable it is still short sighted. Many of the
people that could have them just don’t , how many people are highly
educated and have well paying jobs and don’t have kids or just have one
or two. But yet  people who are not so well of people have 4 or 5. (this number isn’t so high and can slightly exaggerated) Why the difference between the two

Now to get back to the subject. My retirement plan is multifaceted, the
first step is working hard to pay for myself and not having to rely on
government services to get by. Next, save and invest. You save money for
retirement and invest to have money when you get old. Furthermore I also
intend have a large garden and some chickens when I get old so I don’t
have to spend a crazy amount on food. The other effect this would have
is that it keeps you active in your old age.

As for my last step this is where the beginning paragraph comes in, it
is to have 5-6 children (also adopt some). You provide them with a high
education so that they will have a successful career. This will set them
up for success. This will also make it so that if you are ever disabled you wont be a financial burden on them. It also makes you less
dependent on insurance companies or the government. Which may or may not
pay out. Who would you rather deal with, the government, the insurance
company or your family?


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