Health care in the US will be socialized in the next couple of years

One fo the big questions I keep hearing around me about the new health care law has been, why is my premium going up and why am I being dropped from my provider. Here I will address that issue. Furthermore, I know that there is massive opposition from the republicans against this mandate it is very likely that it will force the government to take over the entire health care sector.


2 thoughts on “Health care in the US will be socialized in the next couple of years

  1. Just to be clear. The driver is that all people will now have health insurance. Insurance companies have typically covered child-birth and pre-natal care. Odd that there is controversy about covering birth control since birth prevention is cheaper than childbirth (and I’m not talking about abortion here)…but I digress. The increase in rates has to do less with the add-on’s like pre-natal care and childbirth, and more to do with the fact that many many uncovered people will now have coverage for the basics + the add-on s. My understanding is that premiums are made on a sliding scale based on income. So previously uncovered people taking advantage of the new “discounted” insurance will pay a premium based on their earnings or pay a fine. My guess is that uncovered people making a good income will pay the fine which is cheap vs paying a moderate to high premium commensurate with their income capacity; and uncovered people making a low to poor income will pay the premium and take the insurance at the discounted rate. Meanwhile there are the rest of us. Our insurance premium is through the roof, we have a deductible and we have only “catastrophic” coverage. Each year with a wage increase, if we have a wage increase, the insurance premium increases outstrip the wage increase. Is the healthcare/insurance industry alone responsible for the lower standard of living this generation is experiencing vs the one prior to it? Good chance it is solely or at least largely responsible. I had a patient this weekend at the hospital who said her insurance wouldn’t cover nicotine patches. Odd. Aren’t nicotine patches a path away from cigarette dependency? Isn’t cancer more expensive than patches? The system sucks whatever way you slice it. It sucked before “Obamacare” and will continue to suck…to use high end and highly descriptive vocab.

    • Traditionally most people had cataztrophic insurance for cancer and such diseases. Health care was paid for by the individual or people were part of a group health insurance. It was not until wwII that companies started offering insurance. This was because of wages being frozen by the government. It grew over time and we have it to this day.
      If we got rid of health insurance and instead we had people pay for treatment it would be a much better and moer compettive enviroment.

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