Son did you hurt yourself?

There once lived a young man. He lived in the woods with his mother. She cooked and cleaned the house and he would go to work. Unfortunately the father had died a couple of years earlier and that had forced the young man to go and work to support his mother. They were happy together.

 However one day the young man ran into a beautiful girl and he kept thinking about her. He would ask her to go out with him and she would keep on declining. But finally she said okay I will go out with you. However there is only way that I will go out with you. The young man asked her what it was and she responded that he had to show her that he loved her and would do anything for her. The girl  said that she wanted him to bring her the head of his mother.

 The young man was shocked at this and thought about it on his way home.

 He brought up the courage and chopped his moms head to have a date with the beautiful girl. He put the head into a basket and ran back through the woods as fast he could to the girl. But a tree root stuck out of the ground and caught the young mans foot and he tripped. The head of his mom rolled out of the basket and looked at him and asked, “Son, did you hurt yourself?”




2 thoughts on “Son did you hurt yourself?

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