Breaking the cycle (how to deal with your children)

Humans are creatures of habit and like their daily regimen. They learn their habits at young age and they carry them with them for the rest of their life. This means that they do not just influence their own life they affect the way they raise their children. This is the effect that grandparents can have on their grandchildren. So if people do not reflect on how they were raised then any kind of ineffective parenting or bad parenting will be transferred onto the next generation over and over. This is then justified by, my parents did it this way and look at me I turned out okay. That may be so, but there is always room for improvement in parenting. Parents can be more compassionate, more loving, more kind and better at dispensing discipline to their children.

There are many ways to improve on parenting that I have seen. Ask a successful parent, look at your friends who have grown children that are successful and ask them what they did with their children. This can help a lot because you are pretty obviously going to get some good advice, sometimes it can be tough though cause there are parents that put a lot more effort into their children then might be possible for you time wise or financially. However over all listening to them can help a lot in the raising of your children. In my experience these parents are generally also effective in criticizing your parenting. Sometimes this can be tough to listen to though, I know that I don’t always appreciate being criticized on something as personal as parenting. One of the next sources can be your own parents or your parents in law, hey you are a success story and your parents did do something right to get you to this point. Also you may not always understand why your parents did what they did and this may also bring about some answers for you.

There are more resources out there, books are a great resource. Peaceful parenting, dr Sears and the list goes on. You may not always agree with what people say in these books especially when it comes to spanking or timeouts however it is always worth a read to see what others say. The internet and forums can be a veritable fount of wisdom and advice. People spend much of their time with children and there are many new ideas that these people are coming up with handling children. These are just some of the resources out there on how to learn ways of raising your children more effectively. What kind of resources do you use in learning more effective strategies in raising your children?


3 thoughts on “Breaking the cycle (how to deal with your children)

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