The frailty of life

The casket rolled forward through the church and everyone stood to pay their respect. The flag on the coffin slightly ruffled under the movement of being led out of the church. Tears fell and the family of the deceased slowly walked out behind the church. Slowly the children, grandchildren walked forward each one having been loved by the man who was no longer with them. What words can describe the sorrow that filled their souls with the mans passing away?The pastor walked to the front of the church and gave a small blessing to the people and thanked everyone for coming to the funeral and the rear doors opened. The people slowly sauntered in reverence out of the building. No one talked to each other and most did not crack a smile. Most people realized that this is the way a life ends, many people gathered in one place to celebrate the life that had ended.

 Who knows Jennifer May who was born in 1855, who lived a life of a wife, a mother and a grand mother? She is buried in a grave yard next to a pretty white church some where of the high way in town that time forgot. Who will visit her?

 Remember this when you look upon your life.

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