The inmates run the asylum

There are many days when you want to tear your hair out when it comes to dealing with your kids. Get of the couch, don’t hurt your sister, stop pouring water into the computer, don’t lick me and can you go to bed? It will drive just about any one crazy and you wonder, “Do all parents have this problem?” I am here to tell you that the answer is, yes they do. There is also no magical formula on this subject either. From the various parents I have talked with it seems that most people turn into professional hostage negotiators. Please watch‎ it is a hilarious skit about negotiating with your kids. 

There are many issues that parents run into when dealing with their children, because children are unique each one can take a different approach. Some respond to talking too. Other respond better to a hands on approach such as time out or having a toy taken from them. The next issue is being consistent. How do you maintain consistency when you have 3 kids running around screaming and acting like monkeys? When people have one child it is easier to monitor their actions and be on top of them. Three children turn into a whole new world where it becomes much harder to be on top of them every moment of the day.

 In my experience one can be on top of your children all day long but they still manage to things that you do not want them to do. My middle child has an amazing amount of energy and he will climb up on the couch and will play on the back of the chair. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except there are plants right behind the couch which he knocks over. He will climb up there at a moment when you are not paying attention (as though he knows you are not looking) and knock over a plant. How do you deal with that? In general I will talk to him about his actions and then put him in time out.

There are many other things that can be done when trying to control and guide your children. The recommendations that I have gotten so far have been spanking, timeout, distraction, music, more play time (they already get a lot of that), more outside time, talking too and the list goes on and on. Each one has it’s merits and likely I will talk about each one in time. What do you do to deal with your children, what has worked and what has not worked?

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2 thoughts on “The inmates run the asylum

  1. I am glad that you included “music” on your list of means to diffuse a situation. I can’t tell you how many times I have declared an impromptu ‘dance party!’ as a means to vent some stored up energy, not just for the kids, but for me too, haha.; Great article.

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