Do you small business?

One of the things that always strikes me is how many people that are wealthy started their business. If you look at the stats on people who are millionaires it is very obvious that they share a couple of things. ( These are things such as having a wife that is either a teacher or stays home, they start their own business, they have an MBA and degrees in engineering the jobs are also “boring” jobs such as contracting and manual labor. These facts should be very encouraging to most people that it is possible to become a millionaire. However the real challenge is gaining the courage to start a business like this. Most people would ask themselves what kind of services can I offer that would help others? The answer is a bit more complicated. However there is an answer to this question and a lot of times it is much more in front of your face then you realize.

The inspiration for this article came from an article I read: It made me think that if kids can do a small business then as an adult it should very be possible. What my initial start was this blog, how consistent could I stay with it. For me I have produced one article per day for the last 5 months. However it is my intention to branch out and eventually produce some real videos that will be of a much higher quality then I am producing right now. The other two things I sell are items on craigslist and Beef Jerky Direct ( Basically, I post items that I either don’t use any more at the house and the other one is items I find at the local Good Will or Salvation Army. This has proven to work a little bit, I am in negotiations with selling my computer monitor and a copy of Call of Duty. So I may not produce anything I do instead provide a service and find things that people may want and put it out to a wider audience then just the local second hand store.

My wife however produces items of value, she has an Etsy store with various items on them ( These items are nursing covers and aprons. It might be a small thing, but people like to buy hand made, made in the US products that are good quality. She also sells Doterra oils and Lila Rose Hair Clips ( These are two amazing products that sell quite well. What amazes me is that my wife has such a knack for selling items, she talks with people and the next thing you know they are buying something from her. I imagine much of this comes from her ability to speak with conviction. She also does a lot of research on products before endorsing anything. If she doesn’t believe in it she would not be selling it.

In looking at the way the economy is going and the inability of the US to exit out of this recession it is very likely that more and more people are going to turn to more informal and local economies. People will want to buy more products from one another and also products that are good quality. It is a great way to earn some extra money and also get out and meet people that you might never have met before. I hope that this article inspires you to look possibly start a small business and start selling items to people you know.

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