A country without civic organizations

A country is a place with boundaries around it. These boundaries are put there by the people that dwell there. They state that this geographic area is their country and no one can contest that. The people that live within this area are a culture or a society. Generally this is summed up as a people who share a common language, customs, traditions and history. In the United States we also share many of these traditions however a couple of big aspects have fallen away these are known as civic institutions. These civic institutions are known as the church, fraternal organizations and other common meeting places i.e. Elk Club or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

 Historically many of these organizations helped solidify communities. It was a common area where people from different places (geographically and societally) could meet and discuss issues. Today this is not the case any more. People largely don’t meet in public to discuss issues. They do on the other meet online and yell at each other. These organizations were traditionally places were young men could meet more affluent people and rise up in society or be able find employment. Much of the reason why the Revolutionary war was able to take of as fast as it did was due to Fraternities. Also let’s not forget that much of the Great Depressions effects were blunted due to churches, fraternities and civic organizations.

 There are many reasons why these types of organizations are a huge benefit and without them we are severely lacking as a society. I will show you why, first of in the past fraternities helped their members out with jobs and obtaining health insurance. It allowed like minded people to pool their money for some of the services they needed i.e. insurance, jobs, retirement and even funeral services.

 Another example of people coming together is Ivy league universities. Why do rich people send their kids to these schools? It’s not because their education is so outstanding because there are other better Universities out there. But it is to meet other like minded people that will help their future careers. It is why various rich families are members of fraternities in particular Skull and Bones which doesn’t focus on your needs here and now but asks what you want to do with your life and helps you get there.

 These types of organizations are vital to a society. It allows people to help each other out by pooling resources, talk politically, move up in society and settle issues civically without the use of the court system. In the long run this would stimulate people meeting one another and developing a community. The further we drift away from this the more the discourse becomes divisive and turns resentful. Meeting in places like churches, fraternities and other civic organizations would bring people together and hopefully help society as a whole be more cohesive and mutually beneficial.

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