27 children and counting

So there I am waiting on my dental appointment and I am watching whatever the latest Court tv program is. I don’t really follow any of these shows but do find them fascinating especially that this is not criminal court, but civil court which I am a big fan of. Not to deviate any further, I am watching a case where a 25 year old female wants to divorce her 39 year old husband. Apparently they have a 5 year old son together but they also have not been living together for the last 5 years either. They just hadn’t finalized the divorce. So they talk about their relationship and it turns out they met when she was 19 and he helped take care of her 5 year old son who had MS. Now I was a little bit amazed at this revelation, however then the real revelation came out, this man had 27 children.

Now in most circles I imagine this would be seen as a massive disgrace but this man was proud of having that many children. In fact he had children with similar ages. Judging from the rest of the case his job was full time dad. As I am watching this unfold I am thinking to myself and we don’t allow polygamy? How is polygamy any worse then this? It would allow this man to consolidate all of his children and their mothers which would help reduce costs and expenditure. Also it would put a father into the picture for these kids which could be a positive thing. I have watched sister wives and see a family (ies?) that are well adjusted and caring and a dad that is involved. This is in sharp contrast to the man on court tv.

The issue of marriage and who is allowed to be married keeps coming up. But looking at the history of much of marriage it has historically fallen into 3 categories. State (justice of the peace), church (religious institution) and what is known as common law marriage. However in many parts of history the second two are over written by the state. In the US, many of the marriage laws were from the Jim Crow which included a ban same sex marriage. However now that we have moved past that era should these laws be revisited? Looking at the court case about the man with 27 kids we may want too.

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