What is too much presents?

There are always questions that get thrown out about Christmas and giving kids presents. Now I didn’t grow up in the US and there for in many ways am not sure about the whole giving gifts on Christmas. Instead we celebrated st Nicholas day and that was on the fifth. I don’t remember getting a great quantity of presents. However I did like getting presents, I mean honestly who doesn’t? But it comes back to children and giving them presents, how do you maintain the essence of Christmas with out straying into materialism and commercialism?

My two kids received a lot of presents this year even when my wife was even thinking that they wouldn’t get very much. What I think she was forgetting was that we have 3 great grandparents, 4 grand parents, 7 aunts and uncles and then 2 sets of parents. So when each one gives just one present it adds up to 16 per child. That adds up very quick. Now obviously you know that this isn’t even the case, they give 2-3 a person so now you are up 48….okay do you see why I might be concerned about the whole materialism thing and losing the meaning of Christmas.

This Christmas it will likely be a bit different. We will likely go with the way of giving gifts that was recommended by a friend. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. Now that is just the gifts from us. I know that it makes my family and inlaws very happy to give presents to my kids and they love getting gifts. It is a treat to see the excitement on their faces when they start ripping open packages.

What do you think is the proper number of gifts for children?

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2 thoughts on “What is too much presents?

  1. Firzt off all I want tto saay wonderful blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to
    askk if yoou doo nott mind. I waas intereested to find out howw you center yourself and cloear yoour head before writing.
    I’ve hhad difficulty clsaring mmy mind inn gettiing myy idess out there.
    I doo taoe pleasure inn wrriting bbut it just seemss like
    thee firsst 10 too 15 minutss tend to be wastd just
    trying to figyre out how to begin. Anyy recommendations orr tips?

    • Well, I don’t have any real secret to writing. However I jsut sit down and start writing. Even if its not that great I write. Then when I read it the next day I can edit it and rewrite as appropriate.
      I also make a list of the items I want to write about ahead of time.

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