50 Things Kids Don’t Learn in School (Guest post) – Grass Fed Anarchist

Why is it so generally accepted that school is necessary to prepare you for the work force? This notion assumes that someone other than the individual knows exactly what line of work he will want to go into. In fact, I’d argue that school does more to deter an independent, creative, entrepreneur’s mind than it does to prepare a child for the real world. It creates a mind that is reliant on the system, and couldn’t survive without it.

Take a look at this list that I put together with help from my lovely Facebook friends and supporters. Can you honestly tell me that learning to memorize and regurgitate facts sounds like a better use of anyone’s time than learning the following the skills?

1 – How to change a tire
2 – How to buy a house
3 – How to give good customer service
4 – How to manage money without relying on debt
5 – How to maintain a healthy relationship
6 – How to break off an unhealthy relationship
7 – How to talk to someone who is depressed or suicidal
8 – How to give advice and know when advice is solicited
9 – How to know when simply listening and validating is more appropriate
10 – How to grow your own food
11 – How to prepare and preserve that food
12 – How to change your oil
13 – How to use jumper cables
14 – How to do CPR
15 – How to learn independently
16 – How to teach independence
17 – How to raise fish/animals for food
18 – How to make change
19 –  How to spot “spin” and bias
20 – How to detect logical fallacies
21 – How to question authority
22 – How to identify and forage for wild edibles
23 – How to set up a simple trap
24 – How to interpret statistics
25 – How to assist someone giving birth
26 – How to know whom to trust, and whom not to trust
27 – How to balance a check book
28 – How to tie a knot
29 – How to manage finances
30 – How to defend yourself with force if necessary
31 – How to question everything
32 – How a bank account works
33 – How to write a will
34 – How to plan a funeral
35 – How to start a business
36 – How to do your taxes
37 – How to decide which charities are legitimate
38 – How to patent an invention
39 – How the stock market works
40 – How to correctly interpret scientific data
41 – How to kill a chicken
42 – How to dis/assemble and clean a rifle, pistol, and revolver
43 – How to start a fire
44 – How to utilize charting to know when a woman is ovulating
45 – How to put family before the institution
46 – How to market a brand
47 – How to sell something and recognize when something is being sold to you
48 – How to communicate with people from different generations
49 – How to tip and split a bill
50 – How to be free

So if by “unjob”, “unpaycheck”, and “ungroceries” you mean “self-employed”, “self-reliant”, and “home-grown”, then yes. I guess so.

(P.s., if you’re thinking: “those things are all important to know, but they’re NOT things I want a government funded school system teaching my kids”, GOOD FOR YOU. I like the way you think. But aren’t these things that could and SHOULD be taught if only kids weren’t in school busy having their precious time wasted on stuff like “how to fill in a standardized test bubble”? You’re too smart not to homeschool, my friend.)

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