So you want to date my daughter? well show me your W2, degree and 3 references

Since my kids are way below the age of kids dating this isn’t a real issue but it is something that my wife and I have discussed with one another. My parents didn’t really talk about it with me growing; I guess they wanted me to kind of figure it out on my own. Oh wait, never mind they had me read the book called, “I kissed dating good bye.” I am fairly sure that quite a few people have read this book and had to throw up. It made me realize that whatever you call it, dating or courtship it is generally the same thing. This is that a relationship with someone regardless what the name is that it means spending one on one time with that person. So how old should kids be to be able to date or at least have some kind of exclusive relationship with one person?

The way I feel about it now is that my boys have to wait till 25 and my daughter 35.  But I understand that the law states that at 18 they are adults. So this means that I cannot dictate to them what they can and cannot do. It is more reasonable for me to say that they cannot date till 18 at which time they are adults. However when talking with other people, it seems that people date at a lot younger age then that. This is where parental involvement comes in. But that is the case so many times.

Parental oversight seems to be a primary tenet of just about anything when it comes to raising children. School, sports, dating, friends, careers and the list goes on. I have never read studies on how parental involvement affects children’s future careers but I am sure that it is significant in making a difference. One of the biggest differences that I read about poor and rich kids is that rich kids hear over 2000 words a day where as poor kids hear less then 800 a day. I am sure that that plays a significant role in the development of children.

While there probably isn’t an exact age that works best for all kids to date it is clear that there needs to be a level of parental involvement. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “So you want to date my daughter? well show me your W2, degree and 3 references

  1. I would discourage any kind of “dating”. Marriage involves two families and oversight and consent is implicit. The oversight can be indirect: sending children to French Creek Bible Camp had many purposes, including meeting future spouses. But the oversight should be clear. We knew Holly from church circles and you met her and then engaged her parents in the relationship. You know about the “advice and consent” regarding your siblings.

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