A bag of Doritos a day keeps the doctor away Part 2

In the previous article I talked about how to prevent kids from eating junk food and instead eating regular food. Much of the reason for this was because I was raised eating at a regular time and for the most part non processed foods. I didn’t know how blessed I was for this at that time and now I want to pass it on to my kids. However my wife and I didn’t just come to this conclusion because we grew up this way but because we saw what effect junk food and sodas had on our kids. My oldest son who rarely ever had sodas would go to his grandmas house and then would drink sodas. We would come and pick up my son and he would going wild in the car and not wanting to go to sleep. While initially we didn’t realize this was the case but as it happened a couple of times we realized that junk food was having this effect.

So to resolve this issue we instead allowed our kids to have a little bit of junk food to essentially build up a tolerance too it. This is maybe not the most optimal solution but it seems to be the best of both worlds. This is because it exposes them too junk food on a small scale so they don’t see it as some forbidden fruit. It also help with them knowing what it tastes like so they know the effects this stuff has upon the body. 

Has this worked is the question? Yes and no is the answer. Because my kids are growing and have huge appetites they can eat a lot of food. They will get it one way or another and if it is junk food then it is an added bonus. Especially around Christmas, that is when there is a lot of candy, chocolates, cookies and other goodies in the house and they destroy these. Once Christmas is over though they come of the sugar high and they keep wanting more. This is something that needs to be overcome in the future. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with this situation?



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