A bag of Doritos a day keeps the doctor away part 3

In the previous articles that were part of this series I wrote about healthy foods and how my wife and I saw first hand the massive effects that soda and junk food had on our son. This led us down a road to allow some junk food but also focus on healthy eating. However I am fairly confident that most people don’t eat the way that my wife and I eat. But I would encourage anyone with young children to try this, the reason for this is that it will help with your childs temperament and lets not forget overall health. There are reports out there of children with diabetes as young as eight and not just that many kids have cavities and are over weight. I am not saying that this will happen to your children however it can happen.

Now I know that you may ask yourself what do you mean by healthy eating? I feed my children healthy foods. Sure many parents do, however this is what my wife and I do for our kids. First of we limit the amount soda or juice they get through the year. Not only is it high in sugar and caffeine which affects moods but also many of the ingredients in sodas are shown to cause cancer and tooth decay. Also many of the ingredients in candy and snacks are names that you can’t pronounce or have numbers with them. Should ingredients have numbers next to them? I don’t really think so. But regardless it has been shown that these chemicals can cause temporary issues in children, such emotional outbursts and anger. So while my kids do eat candy (especially around the holidays) the rest of the year it is largely a treat. (which can be used for bribery too, lol)

 So, candy, sodas, snacks and juices are largely out. Well what does that leave us? Regular foods, my wife and I feed our children some cereals and the ever popular bacon and eggs. For growing children bacon and eggs are really good because they provide lots of protein to grow on. Also the high protein keeps them full for a long time. Cereals on the other hand gives them a rush of energy (especially high sugar ones such as the ones they like the most). For lunch we do breads with peanut butter and jelly and then dinner we give them vegetables and meat. I know this is tough cause many kids will balk at this. However I have two kids that are picky eaters, but we stick it out with them and kept telling them to eat the food. It took almost a year for this to get through their little brains but now they eat almost anything. So it can be done.

 I write this because of my experience with other children who only eat sweets and or bacon. I see that many of them are over weight or look slightly malnourished. I worry that these children will end up with life long illnesses and diabetes. I hope these tips help in providing nutritious food for your kids.  

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