Should Jason watch your kids?

The Walking Dead is a really great show, in fact just about any zombie movie sounds good to me. There are really terrible ones out there though. My wife on the other hand really doesn’t like horror or anything gory. Understandable, however violence and the like doesn’t really bother me. But you know who is really bothered by horror and violence? Children. My kids don’t get to watch violent or horror movies. Not even movies like Star Wars or James Bond which are somewhat innocuous. Why you ask, well I don’t think that this stuff is good for a childs development.

I watch TMNT with my 2 and 5 year old and I thought it was rather a cute show. However it soon struck me or better put my son struck me pretending to be a Ninja Turtle. My 2 year old and my five year old would be beating me if they had the chance. So there goes that tv show. What this event taught me was that Tv has a profound effect on children, especially young children. This sealed it for me, no more violence or horror.

Other parents have told me that they let their kids watch violence and horror, however it really makes me wonder why? The Walking Dead is a good show, however there really isn’t anything educational or profound about it. (neither is most horror) Kids don’t really get the plot nor do they learn the lessons from it. There are plenty of other grown up shows that they could watch that would be better for them, such as Doctor Who or Start Trek. Both of these use excellent language and have stories kids can follow. As a parent I would quickly begin to wonder how I was affecting my kids mind and psyche for the rest of their lives. Would they become violent or would I jade them, would they have a morbid fantasy for the rest of their life.

I don’t know what exactly the effects would be of letting kids watch these shows however everything I have read about letting kids watch tv below 2 and violence makes me err on the cautionary side. What do you think, should kids be allowed to watch horror at a young age?


2 thoughts on “Should Jason watch your kids?

  1. Interesting question. A lot of Fairy Tales are horrific and I think we do kids a disservice by making them cute. The greatest danger of TV for me is that it saps the colour from real life experiences and that goes for Tellytubbies as much as Terminator. I’d like to give my kids what they need and want as they grow up, but sometimes finding the right balance isn’t easy.

    • I do agree with that sentiment. TV can take away much of the color from experiencing things in real life. In fact in some cases I wonder whether some children or even adults can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. TV does have its place though, there are many things I can watch on tv that I could never do with my kids. Obvious things such as going to the rain forest or outer space. However I remember reading jules verne before I really knew what space was and I kind of imagined what it would be like to be in outer space.
      Finding a balance isn’t easy I agree. I try to the best I can with the time and I money I have.

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