Yes things are unfair


One of the toughest things that I deal with a day to day basis is that I keep hearing that things are unfair and need to be straightened out by the government. This starts with providing health care, retirement and even now a living wage. Having lived for a couple of years now, I am going to tell you that life is unfair. How many people here are born as good looking as Brad Pitt or as talented as Kobe Bryant? How many people were born with wealthy parents? How many have the intellect of Albert Einstein? I could go on and on about things not being fair. This is reality, the more we complain or think that someone should change the more we put the responsibility back on someone else and not take it ourselves.

When we are all in the rice patties picking rice and we are all really equal, some of us will pick more rice then others. A radio host said this and it stuck with me to this day. How do you deal with inequality? There are many ways that counteract inequality, the first one is working hard. If you are the first guy in and the last guy out, guess what you will get raises. Next, be frugal and stay on top of your finances. Lastly be involved with other organizations, such as church and or civic groups. This is how traditionally the US helped each other out. (Civic groups, what are those? Elk lodge, stamp club, Masons, Church bible study, Orange Order, VFW and the list goes on and on.)

Many of these organizations have been around for a long time and were built to help each other out. A good example being; Masons, much like sharing an Alma Mater you can be member of this group and have an automatic in with them. This is the case with others. Many of these groups are mutual assistance groups that can help you find a job, they can help with scholarships and can guide you in your life. While I know that many people want a quick and easy way to get some money these organizations can help you. However it requires dedication and having to interact with people to get where you want to go. Which to me is the way that it has been for the history of man.


One thought on “Yes things are unfair

  1. I can’t sing. It’s not fair. LOL. Good thoughts. Does social injustice exist? I think so. It gets exhausting trying to tune out the false claims of “it’s not fair” and the unending entitlement demands; these overshadow the voices that I want to hear. Who are those truly in unjust situations? How can I help? Is the government making things better or worse for those who truly need help?

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