The virtues of peer pressure


One can never underestimate the power of peer pressure nor its many virtues. Many of us would balk at that statement cause we were taught to fight it. But honestly when someone says if all your friends jump of a cliff would you do it, the logical answer is no, right? However what if one was to ask,”If all your friends went to college would you?” The right answer is….yes of course you would.

The reality is that the vast majority of people are pushed along by peer pressure to do the right and responsible thing. How many kids graduate from high school each? How many of those did it because of peer pressure? (You know, cause everyone else is doing it?) How many kids play sports because of peer pressure? This list can go on and on. This is not to say that peer pressure can lead kids to do dumb things but as a whole this is not the case.

Peer pressure doesn’t just apply to kids but also adults. How many people get a certain job or buy a certain car because well that’s what everyone else does? Would you rather buy a Porshe then a minivan? Instead of a suit, wouldn’t you rather wear t shirt and jeans to the board meeting? While this may sound silly it si a form of peer pressure and these are all positive things. So next time you think that peer pressure is a negative thing just think about the positive benefits it has on you and your childs life.


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