Now for something different…I got a shaving brush


So I took the plunge and went out and bought a badger hair shave brush. I used this to get a thick lather out of my “Vergulden Hand” ( shaving soap and put it on my face. The brush sucked up much of the soap and put it on my face. The lather was much thicker and better dispersed then what I can do with my hands. In fact the actual shaving itself went much better then when I had applied the shaving cream by hand. This is likely because the brush pushes facial hair out where it can be out.

The reason I started this was because one of my colleagues talked to me about getting a safety razor and shaving brush and shaving cream. He said it did a much better job then any 3 bladed razor or an electric razor. Being a skeptic I don’t automatically jump in on fads, however I am always interested in saving money. There for I am willing to give the safety razor a shot.

While the brush and the shaving cream is very nice, my electric razor is very convenient and probably won’t be replaced any time soon by this method. Maybe I will end up using it on my day off. (Next up, my adventures with a safety razor)


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