Why are girls so different?


I have three kids and I love it. It is amazing how original they are and the crazy and funny things they say. Last night my son was listening to the song “Michael row the boat ashore” and he yelled ARRR I am a pirate during it. Why he would say that I am not entirely sure but it makes a lot of sense. But as I look my boys I feel a lot of confidence in them and I don’t worry about their future. When they turn 18 I am fairly confident that I can set them free to go into the world. However this feeling was not the same when my daughter was born. The first moment I held her I felt that she was a bit more frail then my boys and I looked into her blinking eyes and realized that I had to take care of this precious child.

As her father I feel as though I have to guide her and be a daily example of how to be a productive member of society.  Besides I would want be the example that she uses if she ever gets into a relationship, which won’t happen till she’s 99. “Sorry honey, I am sure he is cute but he is not good enough for you.”

One of the other struggles that I deal with is how I should raise my daughter and her future education. The one side of me is obviously affected by the world around me and practical experience of  my sister. Growing up in a conservative community it is largely expected that as a women you should be ready to get married at 18, however what happens when you cannot find some one? This was a big deal with my sister. She looked around and there wasn’t really any out there that she hit it of with. Yet, all around her, her friends are dating and getting married. How do you deal with that scenario? Do you have your daughter stay at home and wait for some one to show up or do you encourage them to do something else? I am very happy to say that my sister found a wonderful man to marry, however she was almost 30. (This wasn’t lack of trying) I don’t think  my parents would have let her live at home that long. 

So I look at my daughter I would say that I would find it very important to gain an education and start a career. Besides when else do you  have the ability to live in Paris, the Netherlands and New York all by yourself. What do you think, how should one raise a daughter to be a productive member of society?


2 thoughts on “Why are girls so different?

  1. I can tell by the way you speak of your children you love them very much. My advice is let your daughter find her way. I’m not sure why finding a husband seems to be the defining moment in a young women’s life and would never suggest anyone marrying at 18… Boy or girl. Love will find you when it’s supposed to and not before. Please raise her to be brave and strong and independent. She will be capable of great things if you teach her this; wether it be motherhood or astronaut. Just love her unconditionally and her light will shine as God intended.

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