This is self censorship

A weird thing hit me the other day when my son used some not so good word. I mean it really surprised me kind of like the way you would react to your dog speaking to you with a charming British accent. Its not as though this word is something I have never heard before or that it really is that shocking but to hear your kid say it is something else. I told him that is a word that he shouldn’t use cause they it is not a nice word to say. He hasn’t used it since I had that talk with him.

It made me kind of wonder a couple of things. Where did he pick this up? I don’t use that word or other such category words around my kids for specifically that very purpose. Also I wondered why these words have such bad connotations, at the end of the day they are just words. How can I prevent my kid from using this kind of language?

Talking with him about this type of language got him to stop.

I imagine that the neighbor kids are likely the ones that use that language around my kids and there for he said it. But how do you get those kids to stop using that language? That might be a real big challenge.

Lastly the part that I had never really thought about before but was brought to my attention by a certain comedian, why are these various words censored? It’s not as though they are illegal or anything or even cause violence. I am not advocating the use of them however do we need it regulated? In most of society people don’t use these words and generally some kind of societal pressure will get those who foul language to not use them.

What do you think, should there be censorship?


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