Education is not one size fits all


There many different types of cars, blue cars, big cars, fast cars, old people cars and cheap cars. There also many kinds of houses big ones, small ones, ones with lawns and some with pools. In fact there many different kinds of cereals and places you can buy them at, convenience stores, grocery stores, big warehouses and even on line. This is the nature of the world, there is a huge variety of places where you can do and buy things. In contrast to this the modern education system of the US, it essentially has only one way of teaching. Why is this?

Until about 60 years ago middle school was all people needed to get. Why do we need to be in school another 4 years essentially learning the exact same things as in elementary school? Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow kids to try out different things in order to be ready to enter the jobs market? Right now most high schoolers are ill equipped to enter the advanced economy with their skills and instead end up working at minimum wage jobs or enter college. They now will spend another 4 years learning skills that will help them get a job, however they have now spent some of the greatest years of their life stuck at a desk. There has to be a better way.

There are many alternatives to the modern system. These are some ideas to improve things. The first thing is to allow kids to graduate at 9th grade and allow them to enter a trade school or go apprentice at a local business (or big business). The trade school would teach various skills from wood working to IT. The apprenticing would be the equivalent of going to school but then at local business where a student could learn finance, management or even just very basic skills like how to work within a business. As for other children they could stay in school like the current system that set them up to go onto higher education such as college.

This little tweak to a school would allow a lot of flexibility for young people especially the ones that do not want to be in school over the age of 15 and would rather be in the work force. This would also aid businesses in being able to teach children the value of work. Further more it would still allow the people that desire to go onto college to do that. This would be a small change but would hopefully alleviate some of the issues with kids not wanting to go school and truancy.


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