Independence for your children


One of the things I recall from growing up was that I spent almost every waking minute outside. If I was not in school or in bed I was outside. I rode my bike very where and ran around with the other little boys doing the kinds of things that gave my parents grey hair. I haven’t told them every thing I did wither. If they knew at the time I may not be here today. This lifestyle is in contrast to many parents today who do not allow their children out or heavily supervise all activities.


While I understand wanting to watch your children and making sure they don’t get into trouble or hurt. Hovering over children is the part I don’t entirely get. In a recent parenting article I read it stated that various schools have remedial classes for children who are entering kindergarten. This is because some of the kids have not fully developed motor skills. Also there are kids that are still in diapers entire kindergarten. This is shocking to read. What causes these types of issues?


In being a parent myself, I have to walk a line between being protective and using common sense. My children are allowed to anything they wish unless it is blatantly going to end up in disaster. They can climb things, hop in the ocean, run around outside and most likely they will be fine. They also learn very quickly if they ever get hurt to not do that again. This freedom will quickly teach them what they can and cannot do.




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