Do you talk to your children?


It always amazes me how much children have to say and their observation about the world. They look at the world very innocently and unbiased. They say very random things and sometimes what is most obvious. This is in contrast as we parents stare at our cell phone and engage with people on the internet. It leads me to believe that we are missing valuable minutes and learning experiences with our children.

Do you take the time to talk with them?

In general it is very easy to live our days in auto pilot. I do it on a regular basis. There is no shame in it. However where I think we need to reconsider our priorities in when it comes to our children. We should sit down and talk with them and listen to what they say. First of they may tell you something you have never heard before. Also if you listen to then, they will realize you are interested in them and they will more likely listen to you.

People worry about their children becoming little criminals however there is no doubt that if they are like you they will be productive members of society. But our children are growing up right before you and that this time goes by fast.  My oldest just turned 5 and I am blown away by how fast that went. I imagine that before long he will be headed of to college. Can you imagine that, your baby is leaving the house? There for it is important to talk and listen to them and impart them with wisdom and knowledge, because before you know it they will be gone.



One thought on “Do you talk to your children?

  1. It’s such a simple question, isn’t it? Do you talk to your children? Yet I expect most of us, myself often included, forget to do it. It’s easy for the verbal communication to be all about what to get done next or how someone should be doing something…utilitarian things in a busy world. Thank you for this simple, gentle reminder. Be well~

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