If you are going to college, consider one of these majors part 1

One of the many issues that one runs into as a parent or as someone looking at going college is, what do you declare as your major. So just like a person who is an investor or entrepreneur you have to pony up some money for a return in the future. So before you run of and get a degree in some superfluous please think about it, this degree is your investment to go earn more money to pay for your living and pay of the debt you will incur to go to college. Here are the top 3 that I would recommend to any one that is looking at going to college and making a good career afterwards. These are not listed in order of  importance.

1.    Nurse
2.    Engineer
3.    IT


With Obama care starting to go into full swing and all the baby boomers retiring right now is the time to take advantage of these events. Regardless of what you may think of Obama Care it is growing the health care industry and will likely change many aspect of it. For instance some states are allowing RN’s to diagnose illness and prescribe medicines, so in effect they are doctors without the years and years of going to school. This will mean big bucks for you. Furthermore, regardless of what happens, the medical field will always be valuable.

There are downsides to becoming a nurse, it is a lot of studying and memorization. The tests are hard. Being a new nurse will likely mean you do bottom of the barrel work. Also the hours are not the greatest.


Technology is always moving forward and there are people that need to make these things happen.  This is why a degree in engineering (almost any kind of engineering) will make you part of the team that builds and designs the machines that move man forward. Cars, machines, computer main frames and the list goes on. If you have this degree it won’t guarantee a job however it will make you very attractive to potential hirers.


Computers are here to stay. It is a very lightly regulated part of the economy and due to that it is a rather burgeoning field to be in. Furthermore there are more and more fields being automated and the computer programs need to be designed and maintained.  This combined with the graying of the US, the economy will be more automated and computerized. So right now is a great time to engage this field.

While none of these degrees guarantee employment they will increase the likelyhood that you will be picked up by an employer. Next week I will cover 3 other majors that will likely increase your ability to become employed.


2 thoughts on “If you are going to college, consider one of these majors part 1

  1. There’s no arguing with these three. To add on to the engineering thing, if you’re seeking general non-degree-related work, an engineering degree is no guarantee of a job. However, engineering jobs are there and they’re going to increase basically across the board. Beware, though, engineering is not easy. At all. Advanced math and sciences abound and the coursework sometimes feels like it’s designed to make you quit (fun fact: it totally is). But because it’s so hard, relatively few people can/do finish. And so there are fewer people looking for fewer (but increasing dramatically in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering) jobs. In fact, if you’re an engineer who doesn’t HATE engineering, I have no idea what would cause you to consider anything not degree related.

    Also know that engineering is the fusion of science and art. Here’s how it works. A company comes to you (or your firm) and says “this is what we want it to do, these are the constraints and requirements, and this is how much you have to spend on it. When can I expect this brand-new product?” They don’t know what it looks like, what kind of batteries it needs, if it’s dangerous… As an engineer you are in no small part responsible for what tomorrow looks like.

    • If I had known then what I know now I probably would have pursued one of these fields. Especially when these jobs are quite stable and you can go any where with them.

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