11 ways to save money on kids:

There are many ways to not spend a lot of money on raising kids. Here are some of the things my wife and I do .

1. Cloth diaper. The initial investment is on the higher side but if you buy from sunbabydiapers.com it is not very expensive. Also, in the long term it is much cheaper then regular diapers.
2. Something to read, something they need, Something they want, something wear. This is a way to limit the amount of things you get your kids for Christmas. While I don’t stick to this list exclusively it helps to keep costs down. Also grandparents and other family members will buy Christmas presents for your kids so they will not lose out. (trust me)
3. Recycle clothes.
4. Don’t go out to eat. Kids don’t really enjoy it, unless its Mcdonalds or CHic fila.
5. Have 3 kids to a room.
6. Water down all juices (It also keeps them from getting the sugar rush).
7. Order foods in bulk from places like Frontiercoop.com.
8. When children are young, going to a grocery store or event he mall is about the same as going to a zoo or a museum. Also it is a lot cheaper.
9. Taking children for walks is a great way to get to know them and entertain them. They also get very tired from this and will likely go to sleep earlier (besides it is good for you too).
10. Have children drink Water, it is much cheaper then sodas or juice and is very healthy.
11. Buy clothes from thrift stores.


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