Not ready to have a child


Originally I had planned to post an article on going to college and what one should major in to have a successful life, but I feel I need to address something a lot more important.


My wife told me about a surgeon who works on babies. But he doesn’t just work on babies he works on babies who are still in the womb who have deformities or other issues. It is an amazing piece of work, one that is comparable to an artist painting. For a small baby who is not much larger then a lemon is being worked on. His or her organs and muscles are very fragile and must be handled with utmost care.


During one of those operations a small baby still in the womb reached out and wrapped its tiny hand around the surgeons finger. Its little hand wasn’t even big enough to fully wrap around the finger. It reached out with one hand and felt another human being. This baby likely didn’t even know what it was touching for its eyes weren’t even fully developed but it reached out and was wondering what was going on around it.


Those little hands have fully developed nerve endings and are very sensitive to anything touching it. So feeling it must have been a very strange sensation. That same baby felt the latex gloves and would not know that those very same hands were probably saving its life.


Can you see how amazing this is? Not just the surgery but the very fact that this baby was reaching out trying to touch another human being. It knew something was going on around it and the baby tried to touch. But what is even truly more amazing is that this happened at about 20 weeks into the pregnancy. In the US the mother of this baby could have ended this babies life.


This surgeon conducted this amazing life saving surgery and the very next day that baby could have been feeling the very cold and blunt instruments pulling this baby out of the womb and letting this very same baby die. In fact it could all have been done in the very same room.


This to me is still stunning. The very same room.


Is this freedom? Is this justice? Is this right? What are we trying to prove? Why are unborn endangered species protected but our own species is not?


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