If you are going to go to college, make one of these your major part 2


If you are a working slob like me you will likely think long and hard about going to college, especially when the price of which is launching like a rocket. As I said previously a college education is an investment into the future, one where what you will do after college will make you a living and help pay of your debt. If the degree does not guarantee this then you might be better of getting a job and working your way up within that company.

Unless your parents are wealthy you do not have the luxury to get a soft science degree and lounge at college. So in light of this I have put together another list of majors that will most likely land you a job where you can earn enough money to pay for a decent living.


Yes it is 7 years however at the end of it you are essentially guaranteed a job. Especially now that the baby boomers are starting to retire there will be an even greater need for doctors to keep up with the demand.


This one seems to be pretty brain dead choice. I know that a lot of people think of the grimy and dirty mechanic however this has changed. There are a lot of computers and high tech items on a car that need to be monitored and repaired. As long as there are engines and cars there will likely be employment.


As long as there are people there will be educators from pre school to college to job training. It may take some time to find a job but they are out there and most earn pretty good money.

Last thought, do not become a lawyer. It’s not worth it.


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