Sugar is not the problem


Early one morning I was watching a news program and they were interviewing some doctor who had written a book about sugar and essentially blaming it for why americans are so over weight. He said that it had the same effect on the brain as cocaine and our bodies desire it. In fact withdrawal is very tough for people if they stop eating sugar. Granted I can agree with him on the whole notion that sugar is addictive and yes there is just something about eating some sugary that makes you happy. However what I find some what hard to swallow is that it is the reason why americans are over weight.


I have not read the mans book on why exactly he says all that but I am sure it does go into more nuance then just saying sugar will make you fat. Cause we all know that that is just silly. The reality is much more simple then sugar. To me it is three fold, Americans don’t get a lot of physical exercise. We drive every where we go and when we get home after a long day of activities we sit in front of the tv and veg. Hey I do it too. Second Americans over eat. Everything we do contains food, you go to a get together there is food, you go to work and some one bring in donuts and the list goes on and on and on. Speaking of donuts, yeah we eat too much junk food. This is cause its good and tasty and it is everywhere. How can you not partake????


Now there are plenty of other things you can tag on to this whole list but to me most of those things are largely side effects and not causes. The way I came to this conclusion was that I wanted to lose weight and I started to experiment with only eating about 4 meals a days, no snacks and working out 4 days a week. This led me to lose 15 lbs in about 2 months. I ate enough to get full and then would walk away and chew some gum or drink some water to fill in the gaps. I also did some weight lifting and run about 20 -30 minutes during my work out. Nothing fancy. I have kept this up for about 5 months now and have not gained any weight back.

This work out and eating regimen led me to the conclusion that it isn’t sugar that is the problem it is basic over eating and not getting any exercise that leads to being over weight.


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