Gold, Bitcoins and Inheritance….


Have you ever thought about an inheritance? I guess for the most part, modern day inheritances are life insurance policies and cars or at least that is what I imagine most people get as inheritances today. But the real question is what is an inheritance and would you like to pass on to your children or grand children? We live our lives and for many persons that is it, lets enjoy it while it lasts. However there is life after you pass away. Your children will most likely outlive you, do you want to leave them a legacy and something to remember you by not just memories but also something tangible?


This is something that I have thought about quite a bit and have always wanted to be able to pass on a legacy to my children and or grand children. Most likely I will live to be quite old and see my grand kids but in the mean while I am thinking to myself how I can leave them an inheritance. This is partly where my interest in Gold, Silver and bitcoins comes from. The first two are items that will always retain value no matter how bad things get, we could go plunge back into caveman times and the two precious metals would still hold value.

The bitcoins is where it becomes interesting, while I don’t know where these things would go and it could be tulip mania as Peter Schiff said. It could also be something that doesn’t fade away, we don’t know however it is worth a gamble. Spending 30 dollars a month in something speculative wont bankrupt you. Oyeah even if you think it is not going to go any where you can trade your bitcoin in at for the physical precious metals. This brings me back to the inheritance portion, it is some thing that is important to consider when looking at the future and you can help your family get ahead by giving them a gift even after you have departed this earth.


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