Human action isn’t always one or the other


Maybe being raised in two cultures has helped shape my view of the world and one of the biggest conclusions I have come to is that there is a lot of situations that are not black or white or one or the other. It’s not like a football game where you are either for one team or the other there is a lot of nuance out there. In many debates and discussions I have had people assume that if I am not for something that I must be against it. However what if there is a third way one where a person is ambivelant about something. A good example is cigarette smoking, I don’t smoke myself and don’t want others to smoke however I am not against smoking or smokers. (even though it does smell yucky) If you are an adult and want to enjoy a cigarette then you should be able too.


This extends into much of my outlook on the world even politics, I do vote however I don’t really view myself as being republican or democrat. There are elements that I agree with from both parties, however this makes it difficult to vote one or the other cause I would rather vote other. Maybe one day that will happen, we shall see. But as I was saying, this view extends into much of my life I believe I try to be educated and thorough about the decisions I make from day today. Whether I buy a truck or a minivan, whether to eat healthy or not healthy these aren’t wrong or right decisions they are just personnal choices that one has to make.


Now I know that some one would read this and go, well you are being wishy washy and not standing up for prinicipal. To which I would say that that is not true, there are absolutes in this world or else I wouldn’t be a Reformed Christian or a libertarian. These two world views shape my every day life and many of my personnal views, it also can be a reason why I do what I do. However to attempt to pigeon hole one person and have a black and white view of the world is doing yourself a disservice and can make debating with some one difficult.


3 thoughts on “Human action isn’t always one or the other

    • Why thank. It is something that I wrote partially out of frustration with what I encounter. I wish that things were different, that things were not so polarized. Not every one is the enemy. But as long as we put people into boxes then it becomes very easy to demonize people.

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