Way to go in over simplifying things

After writing my last article on ” Human action isn’t always one or the other” (https://libertariandad.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/human-action-isnt-always-one-or-the-other/) it led me to think about how this concept was hard to put into words. It also made me think that the concept itself isn’t as easy to describe because it is easy to lock into a small portion of any kind of statement and try to criticize it or simplify the concept. Its sort of like the debate on vaccines, just because some one questions their efficacy doesn’t mean one is anti vaccinations. This also goes for all kinds of other issues. Questioning something doesn’t mean you are a denier or against it. Furthermore, many times things are way more complicated then how they appear.

I bring this up because so many times when I see statements or arguments I begin to think to myself, this subject is waaaay more complicated then that. Things like lets raise the minimum to 10.10. Well okay, that seems pretty straight forward right, but then you have to start asking questions like “How will this affect new workers?” “Why is there a need to raise the minimum wage?” “Can we end inflation?” I could go on forever, but these questions on any subject just aren’t really addressed. Also it gets worse when you read comments, “Impeach who is in the oval office” isn’t having discussion about the issues.

Maybe I am just stating the complete obvious when it comes to the discussions of things and I should just leave it at that. Maybe most people realize that most issues are not just a straight road, but instead is more like the entire road system in the US. I would like to hope so because that is much more like the world we live in, things are not very straight forward with all cars traveling in one direction. No instead there are cars driving all around us, going up exit ramps, stopping at stop lights and so on. It also means that people can have a wide variety of thoughts on a subject and that doesn’t mean that it is right or wrong….only one that is heading in a different direction.


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