No time to go to the gym?

Most people feel like they should work out and eat healthier and sleep more but they don’t know where they would get the time to do that. I have a small suggestion in 2 of these categories. The solution is what is known as the kids work out system. This is where you get to spend quality time with your kids and still get to work out at the same time. This work out will also wear you and your kids out there for they and you will sleep better at night. You lift your kids and run with them to work out.* Here goes:

You can do some curls by picking your kids up from the ground and then lifting them up and down. Trust me kids will love this. 


Once you are done with this you can pick them up and held them above your head. This will work your arms, back and core muscles. 


After lifting them up you can gently throw them up in the air. Just don’t throw them too high, its not a competition.



Kettle bell kids, you can swing your kids by their arms between your legs.

You can also bench press kids.


If you enjoy doing push ups you can put them on your back and do push ups with them on your back.



Lastly you probably need to do some running so go to a field and do some short sprints around the field and play tag with your kids. They will love it.

There you have it. A thirty minute work out and you get to play with your kids at the same time.

*This is in no way meant to be taken seriously or confused for actual work out advice. It is purely meant for entertainment purposes. 


2 thoughts on “No time to go to the gym?

  1. you are so right …ik ga je adviesopvolgen met ons nieuwe kleinkind..micjhiel chris en iris zijn echt te zwaar….cannot wait!! 🙂

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