New to Libertarianism? Libertarianism 101

I have run into quite a few young and new libertarians who say that they are libertarian and may or may not have a well rounded idea of what it means. Let me be the first one to say welcome. I am assuming that a lot of the recent interest in it is because people feel disaffected by the 2 major parties and want something new. Also the philosophy of libertarianism draws on 3 principles that appeal to people. Fiscal responsibility, not forcing morality on one another and the golden rule.

Many people start out being enthusiastic about being libertarian, but are not entirely sure where to go to gain more knowledge of this movement. One of the biggest issues I run into with starting out as a libertarian is that it is kind of hard to find basic resources that can lay a good foundation. There are quite a few resources out there that can help. This article is trying to lay down some basic places to go and books to read that will help you gain a well rounded understanding of what is libertarianism.


For people very new to the movement there is Its a pretty decent website with plenty of good articles about libertarianism.

Now, then there is It is a massive resource with books and links and videos that you can down load. It can be a bit overwhelming.There are many books there some really long and theoretical others quite short and insightful. Please look around and see what strikes your interest

I recommend that you down load the book Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt from website. Its a small book, easily readable and explains basic Libertarian economics.

I highly recommend the books called “The Money Mystery” and “Whatever happened to Penny Candy” the author is Richard Mayburry. He has more books but these two books were mind blowing when I read them.

Also anything by Ron Paul is really good and easily read.

Learnliberty on YouTube is a series of videos produced by IHS and offer really good insights into Austrian economics.

Julie Borowski is on Youtube and Facebook. She was a prior republican who came over to libertarianism and has a produced a series of (funny) videos on the subject of libertarianism and is worth checking out.

Tom Woods at is another individual that has many Youtube videos and a website with a lot of really good information.

These aforementioned websites are some of the resources I use to point new comers to gain further knowledge about libertarianism. There are many more resources and persons out there that are wonderful for gaining new information and understanding of the philosophy of freedom. Peter Schiff, Stephan molyneux, Gary North, Lew Rockwel and I can go on. However these individuals tend to be a bit more theoretical and I would recommend you check out the names mentioned at your own behest. You never know how far down the rabbit hole you will go.


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