Libertarianism is not a panacea


In recent years libertarianism has taken of like a rocket. There are many persons who are claiming to be libertarians or at least follow it as some kind of ideology. But one does need to be careful when one claims to be a libertarian because it isn’t a panacea to the worlds problems or your own personnal problems. It doesn’t solve the worlds issues magically and any one who says that might be deluding oneself. However, embracing libertarianism does put one on the right path, just as much as working out or becoming a christian points you in the right direction.

There are various factions that are within libertarianism from thick and thin, brutalists and humanists and lets not forget tea partiers and minarchists. But this is just like any other movement there are always various flavors and degrees of a movement cause not every one is going to agree with one another over what a movement holds. However what I am seeing is that there are various people who are leaving the movement because apparently it isn’t answering the questions they are asking. The Article Why I left Libertarianism: An ethical criritique of a limited ideology is written by a person who has left libertarianism because apparently his questions are not being answered. While I can understand some of this persons rationale I think that they are completely over looking the fact that libertarianism is a political ideology and there for does not provide salvation.

You still have to live your normal life and accept the day to day realities. It would be great to be able to have everything just fall into place and have the road be smooth sailing. But that is not the case at all, life is full of choice and communities. So the day to day events determine may determine what you do and what relationships you form but libertainism isn’t going to change who you are or how life turns out for you. But you do have the option to make decisions based on your philosophy and you can change the world around you.


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